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Instrumentation Vibcorder

The monitoring system Vibcorder for all vibrolances

Vibcorder Monitoring System

The Vibcorder is the monitoring system recommended for all PTC Vibrolances and stone columns rigs. It monitors in real time a variety of working parameters allowing  to be sure  to comply with the job site requirements.

Vibcorder Monitoring advantages

The Vibcorder Monitoring System displays these measurements in real time :

  • Soil Compaction, through the reading of the Vibrolance pressure
  • Depth of the Vibrolance (in meters)

Optional parameters can also be shown :

- Stone consumption (cubic meters) and stone profile (diameter of the stone column depending of the depth).

- Verticality of the Vibrolance (with the use of the GPS System). This parameter is especially  useful for offshore projects where following a precise grid is needed.

This graph is obtained in a jobsite where the PTC Stone Column rig SC13 is equipped with PTC Vibrolance (BFS).


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